Karen Vs. DMV….

Finally got these...only took seven months.

Finally got these…only took seven months.

When last we left our heroine, the DMV had been putting her through the wringer over

carpool stickers on her plug-in Prius.

First, the dealership had mis-registered the car with the DMV, so the DMV said it wasn’t eligible. Got that fixed, trip to dealer, various forms.

THEN, stupidly, the DMV did not recognize that “Third St.” and “3rd St.” are one in the same and so they kicked back the application again.

This time I went over the paperwork with a nit comb, looking for anything that could be off. I tore up the old check for $8 and wrote out a new one just in case. I triple checked all of the spellings, I confirmed my address, I checked that what I put on the forms matched the registration.

I even checked to be sure that M-A-N-H-A-T-T-A-N   B-E-A-C-H was spelled properly.

Three weeks later here, finally is a fat envelope from the DMV!  Like the college applicant, I know that a fat envelope is a good envelope and sure enough here I my carpool stickers.

Somehow it arrives here even though the DMV now says that I live in Marina del Rey.

Good thing they are only responsible for public safety.

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