What do you do when you’re upset?

When I’m suddenly unhappy–especially if it’s a situation I can’t fix–I might go for a walk.

Cynthia Riggs

Cynthia Riggs

Or pull out the Lamaze breathing. I might pet Axel. Or call a friend. I could try a distraction, like playing a game on my phone. Sometimes I listen to a podcast story or audiobook.

And of course there’s always chocolate.

Last week I was triple upset when I lost my glasses. I couldn’t pet Axel, or go for a walk because I needed to drive the bike route, in case I could find the glasses by the side of the road. No chocolate within reach.

I could, though, pull up a podcast. Being “told” a story is such a primal comforting thing and I just love how it can adjust the world, or my attitude to the world. Once, years ago, I was responsible for a schmantzy business dinner party at the house. I was out grocery shopping, and doing 12 errands while the house was getting spiffed up. Only to return home to a message that the cleaner was ill and hadn’t been able to come. REALLY? It was 2 p.m. by this point. I put on an audiobook and pulled out the cleaning supplies. Somehow I got it all done.

So while driving the bike route looking for my glasses I put on a Moth podcast. And it was one of the best stories I’d ever heard. Cynthia Riggs is a 13th generation resident of Martha’s Vineyard. She published her first mystery at age 70 and has done one a year, 11 so far. Last year, though, she found herself in the middle her own mystery. Won’t spoil it for you today so here is the link, so you can listen to the story yourself.

Do it now, though, as I’ll probably spoil it tomorrow….almost as good as listing to a great story is sharing a great story….

That story totally changed my mood, and five minutes after I got home, I got a call that my glasses had been found.

Some story!

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