Worry About Your Breasts falling out at Work?

In the first UFC women’s fight, bantam-weight Ronda Rousey had to fight more than sheboobs bargained for.

“Multitasking!” is how she described grappling with her opponent former Marine Liz Carmouche, plus trying to keep her breasts more or less in place.

Her handlers apparently ‘forgot’ to get her a fight-worthy bra and handed her the wispy little spaghetti-strapped thing that she wears for weigh-ins.

Complications, of course, ensued. The physics of breasts are a complicated matter, one thing—or rather two things—that male athletes don’t need to think about.

“I got kicked straight in the chest right as I was trying to adjust my bra,” said Rousey. The first woman to win a judo medal in the Olympics since its inception, Rousey also is the first woman to win and defend a UFC title–(UFC=Ultimate Fighting Championship)—so she’s used to tough competitors. Her own breasts not usually such a problem.

“You don’t see bit titties at the Olympics,” said Rousey, “and I think that’s for a reason.”

Great story about breasts and athletic competition at the new issue of ESPN W.

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