The Dinner….after-dinner, before-dinner, during-dinner reading…

Haven’t shared a novel in a while…partly because to recommend it, I want a book to bedinner truly worthy. I want a novel to haunt my days, to teach me something, anything, to keep me alert and keep me guessing.

The Dinner is all of that and more.

The only problem is how to describe it without giving stuff away. Let’s say five stars for a great unreliable narrator. Same for suspenseful plot, and all over a dinner with two couples trying to sort out troubles with their teen-age sons.

An international sensation from the original Dutch by Herman Koch the story is, let’s say, the opposite of a romantic comedy. It’s mysterious, and kind of creepy, and fascinating at the same time. Non-formulaic.

Thinking as I was writing this of all the people I want to recommend it to….besides you, of course….and tops on the list is my mother-in-law, who always went for sophisticated and dark. But alas, she left us a few weeks ago.

Only frustration I had is reading it on the Kindle….hard to flip back and check things.

A five bikini beach read. In black.

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