Covering Your Ass? Or not?

I don’t ask much from a pair of yoga pants.lulu

I’d like style, comfort, no riding up, no riding down. Reasonable price and, no transparent fabrics, please.

At $100 a pair, Lululemon pants have always been too expensive IMHO.

And now they’re suffering from fabric malfunction.

Seventeen percent of their black yoga pants, in their signature Luon fabric, a mixture of lyra and nylon, millions of pairs, are too see-through.


Christine Day, Lululemon Athletica’s chief executive admitted that before shipping millions of pairs of pants, they had not actually checked to see how they looked when you bend over.

“The only way you can actually test for the issue is to put the pants on and bend over,” she said. “Just putting the pants on doesn’t solve the problem.”

Well, DUH.

That’s like a chef looking at his creation, but not actually tasting it.

Earlier this week when Lululemon announced the recall its stock price fell 8 percent, and they are expected to lose about $15 million this quarter.

Lululemon has great styling…well, except for see-through pants, that is…but I always find them way too expensive and the store helpers on the snotty side. Though now they are apparently being told to be nice to everyone who’s traumatized about their backsides flapping in the breeze.

For good yoga pants, head over to Lucy.

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