Happy SAD….Single’s Awareness Day….or Valentine’s Day?

For the first time in history there are more single households in the US than married. Andsingles even more so, the “traditional” household of married couple plus children is at its lowest point ever, down to about a quarter from 43% back in 1950.

And even as romance is ever of interest and there are gals who start planning their weddings in girlhood–do they really want to be married, or do they just want a wedding?–Single life continues to become ever more important.

There are now over 100 million unmarried people in the US over 18.

And yes, more of them are women. There are 89 single men over 18 for every 100 unmarried women.

Single’s Awareness Day is the anti-Valentine’s Day….”I’m single and happy about it”…celebration for today or tomorrow…depending on who you listen to.

At least we don’t live in Korea where the custom for singles on Valentine’s Day is to get together and eat black food and ponder their—our?—fate. Yuck. Black Day…the noodles are supposed to be comfort food, but what’s comforting about that?

And I think Single’s Awareness Day would be a better thing if it didn’t have the acronym heartsSAD.

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