Manti Te’o….the big interview…the big lie…

Second big interview in a week of major sports figure caught in a web of lies.

Last week it was Lance Armstrong coming (mostly) clean with Oprah Winfrey.

Now it’s Manti Te’o whose interview with Katie Couric airs tomorrow—Thursday—on Katie.

The whole thing is bizarre beyond words.

Who could make this up? The hotsy totsy Notre Dame linebacker had a long and involved online relationship with a girl who died in September less than a day after his grandmother died. But it turns out that Te’o, shortlisted for the Heisman trophy, had never met the woman, and she had never died, because she never even existed.

The whole thing, as revealed last week, was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a member of the Polynesian community, with Te’o being only the most famous victim.

At some point he learned that the girlfriend wasn’t real, but out of embarrassment he then perpetuated the story. Stay tuned for details! Although Notre Dame stood behind him, his teammates have had lots of choice things to say.

The big difference between Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o is their hierarchy on the Jerkdom food chain. Lance Armstrong is still and ever the winner in that category. His crimes are manifest and manifold. And his bullying nature comes through even as he, sort of, apologizes.

Manti Te’o, though, is entirely different kettle of trout. At this point it seems as if his primary crime is niavete.

But a lot of folks are waiting for the big interview to judge for themselves.

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