Happy New Year…

Most overrated holiday…imho…

New Years eve! There’s all the pressure to make it super special, to resolve turn over new leaves everywhere. To never call him again. To lose the ten pounds, to balance the checkbook, pay off the credit card debt, finally show the boss you’re worth the promotion. To organize the closets, keep the kitchen counters cleaned, make the early train home, call your mother, go out more, take the dog for more walks…

And that’s before we even get to the resolutions of what your spouse could do better.

That list is way longer.

But really, it’s a better night to hunker down. And play board games. Everyone knows the drinkers are out tonight. The crazies. The pressure is on. The fact that you are SUPPOSED to have a super special time is the surest way to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Last year I got all these poppers….and then left them at home!

I like the lower expectation idea. The hanging out with Jessamyn and our pups. The celebrating New Years on New York time, so there’s no pressure to stay up if you don’t want to.

Like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s, it’s a horrible dine out, as there are special high-priced offerings, and elbow jabbing even to get a table for that. Some years ago in Europe we were so annoyed with all of that we bought a deli chicken and ate that in our rooms.

And now, Jessamyn and I dashing out to find a steak to grill up.

Where did I leave those poppers from last year?

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