Love this little slice of time, tucked in between Christmas and the revving up of the New

Would a manicure be too ambitious?


All of the holiday swirling is done. The Christmas presents given and gotten, the cards stacked up, the bowl game watched,  the relatives hugged, the dishes….mountains and mountains of dishes done…even if I didn’t quite do my share of them.

The long drives are finished, and now it’s quality time with Jessamyn and Olivia. And what are we doing?

Absolutely nothing.

We did a bike ride Friday, but other than that didn’t leave the house for the whole day. There is plenty to do of course. Jewelry to be sorted through. New Years resolutions to be organized….I actually did go to the gym and sign up, but the sales pitch took so long I couldn’t actually work out. But we’re both finding it hard to be motivated. After all the holiday muss and fuss, it’s great to have no obligations or deadlines for a few days. Plus, it’s been raining, which doesn’t help matters.

Jessamyn finished watching The Wire. I finished Downton Abbey. Fabulous.

“What do you think we should do today?” I asked Jessamyn, “maybe get you that manicure you’ve been talking about?”

“Good idea.

“But let’s wait until afternoon.

“We don’t want to go overboard.”

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