Soul Cycle Pedals to the West Side…

Soul Cycle is the hot—not as in Bikram—new workout that’s been whipping New Yorkers into a sweaty frenzy and is now hitting Los Angeles.

I drove up to Hollywood in the rain, in the traffic, to test it out for you, but this Saturday, December 15, Soul Cycle Santa Monica opens, a much more convenient location for much of the LA World.

A turbo-charged spinning class with weights, Soul Cycle here will have eight tortuous classes a day and the good news, at least for now, is the intro pricing. First class is $15. (Call first.) And after that classes are $25, still hefty but a shade less that the heart-stopping $32 per that they are in New York. That includes clip shoes, required, water, and towels…you’ll need ‘em.

Is it worth it?

Hard to say. Soul Cycle is famous for having the best instructors, the best music,  and the best equipment, though as they continue expansion that quality will be a challenge to maintain.

For me, the main challenge is always just doing it. That’s why I bicycle with friends. It’s too easy to duck out otherwise. That’s why I seek out good yoga teachers.

And the same principle applies here I think…It’s a fad, it’s a good workout. It’s a place to be and to talk about having been.

And if it tones everything up, so much the better!

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