The Many Ways Life can go Sideways….

Everyone wants to know how the ancient Egyptians made the pyramids.

The Bent Pyramid

A new theory has the pyramids being constructed from the inside out, as the temples always were, but as yet there is no agreed-upon answer.

While there was one construction method, as in much of life, there were many ways that things could go wrong! There’s the famous “bent-pyramid”, whose bottom is 54 degrees and top is 43 degrees. Archeologists aren’t sure why, but perhaps Pharaoh Sneferu’s death was nearing so it had to be finished more quickly.

Big earthquakes, particularly one of 27 BC, created massive damage to Egyptian monuments, and including causing nearly all of the polished limestone casings, finishes, to fall off the large pyramids.

Sand and silt entered many pyramids, sometimes protecting lower levels. Upper levels then were often defaced, especially in later eras, as the faces of gods and goddesses were scratched out.

As structures were no longer cherished for their religious value, their pure structural value was still there. Horses anyone? All over ancient monuments there are openings to tether animals…horses, donkeys, camels.

Temple or Stable? Lash your donkey here….

Or new religions can take over. Egypt was largely Christian before it became largely Muslim, and some temples, especially the one at Philae have crosses and an altar carved atop ancient symbols.

Have thought about this a lot….there are so many ways for things to go sideways….and generally only one or two for them to go right.

And this is before we even begin to talk about current events.

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