What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Did you leave a public bathroom with tissue trailing from your shoe?

bumper, after a brief “visit” with my garage door.

Did your purse fall on the floor and contents fly hither and yon in a grocery store?

Maybe you leaned up against wet paint in your in your new white pants?

Whatever it is, gentle reader, I will see you and raise you. A few months ago I went downstairs to the garage, got into my red BMW, put on my seatbelt, put it into reverse, and backed up.


There was an awful sound. Did I break the (glass) garage door? Fortunately not. I was, of course, going quite slow, but there was a mongo dent in the bumper of my nearly-new car.

And irritation at the spoiled bumper competed with irritation at myself. How can you possibly back up without opening the garage?

And then came the question, what am I going to do about it?

Nothing, I decided. I’ve replaced a bumper or three in my time and I know you can’t even walk into a body shop with a BMW for less than a couple thousand dollars. Twelve years ago when I had a new car I was rear-ended the day I got it. Huge ordeal, and expense, even though damage seemed minor and insurance was paying.

All the working parts worked, so I’d just forget about the dent and go on my merry way.

But other people kept reminding me. “What happened to your car?!” And if I had to leave it with a valet, they’d made sure and point out the dent so I wouldn’t think they did it.

Yes, I know it’s there.

It was a friendly valet who suggested I go to a good car wash and ask them to “suck out”

After a brief visit to Red Carpet Car Wash.

the dent.

AMAZING. Ask for Joe at Red Carpet Car Wash in Manhattan Beach. $100.

Worth every nickel.

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