Soul Cycle…

Imagine yoga….on a bicycle…in a dark room…horrifically loud music…with fifty other stationary bicycles….and an enthusiastic instructor with a whip!

That’s….Soul Cycle for you.

The rain kept Jessamyn—“but this is Southern California!”– off the real bike all week. Always good at research, she got that from me!…Jessamyn discovered that Soul Cycle, which New Yorkers have been gushing over for years, has come to Southern California.

“Santa Monica is opening soon, but there are two locations,” she said, “Hollywood is closer. How about we go at 9:30 on Friday morning.”

I’m always eager to try something new and figure out what the fuss is about. Why the dickens would people want to pay $32 a class—no volume discount—and book classes sometimes weeks in advance.

“How early do we need to leave?”

“An hour and a half.”

“That’s crazy,” she shows me the 27minute estimate on her iPhone.

“That doesn’t include traffic.”

As our rain-soaked drive proceeds, I’m wishing I’d stuck to my 90-minute guns. “How about you call and ask them if we can switch to the 10:30 class?” “They usually won’t let you do that.” But at a certain point it’s sensible. “She said we should try…you can go in the studio up to 10 minutes late.”

We are late. I throw on my bike shoes—required—and Jessamyn picks up rentals. And there we are in the dark room with the blaring music—where are my airplane earplugs? And fifty other stationary bikes.

What do I do now? Jessamyn is spinning away. I can’t even see where to put my (included in the high price) water bottle, but a helpful dude comes over to get me set up and then I too am spinning away.

“Think about why are you are here!” Calls the fro-ed instructor. “Leave everything that belongs outside…outside!”

I’m spinning away….and remembering suddenly that spinning always seems insanely hard. And here’s a bonus…weights! The little one-pounders look wimpy—my eyes have adjusted a bit to the dark—but it’s deceptively hard, all of it. Sweat is getting into my eyes….the instructor comes over a couple times to scratch me on the back…even in the dark she can tell I’m struggling and maybe the oldest in the class…

A sweet bonus, a birthday girl, 53 years old today, spins her little heart out up on the stage. And they bring her a cupcake with a candle. Good thing it’s not me, I wouldn’t have any air to blow it out.

Check my Fitbit….why am I not getting more step credit for this?

Wow this is hard.

And then on the way out of the parking lot….we realize that despite the validation there’s a parking fee. With a line of cars behind, Jessamyn hands me her credit card.

I’m too tired to reach for my purse.

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