FitBit…What the heck is a ‘dongle’?

Thus far today I’ve taken 4,039 steps.

So says “Fitbit”, my newest gadget. It’s just a svelte two inches by half an inch and using technology similar to Wii, it measures every step and converts that also into miles, calories, and “floors climbed.”

I wore it also all over Egypt. Biggest touring day—five temples– I got over 12,000 steps. I wanted a bonus for irregular several thousand year-old stones. Nah.

Most of today’s “steps” were actually taken on the bicycle.

But a great way to quantify and track your activities.

It’s got several days of battery life in its cute little self—mine is burgundy—and you sync it with your computer via a “dongle”, little whatzit that plugs into the USB port. It’s got a little clip that you can put on your belt, you can just throw it in your pocket.

How precise is all of this? It’s satisfying to see the step numbers marching upwards as  you walk, but surely the rest is an estimation, since the calories burned on a stroll are different from those burned on a hilly bike ride (those 4,000 “steps”). “But it’s all about the trend lines,” said a scientist friend.

And there’s even a magic Fitbit Scale that talks to the FitBit and vice versa. Haven’t got that one yet.

It also measures body fat.

Do I really want to know my body fat?

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