It’s all about the Feet!

Preparing for my next big adventure….I’ve done enough international travel that I don’t need shots. No malaria meds this time. My “intestinal kit” is up-to-date. Have only needed it once in years of Third World travel, though I’ve shared with my dad a couple of times.

Daddy didn’t hear the “good luck” warning about not snipping strings off his wrist after a Basi ceremony in Laos, and eight hours later I was fetching him broth and opening my electrolyte packets.

For this trip I’ve got the packing list, the itinerary, even the plane tickets.

But I don’t have the shoes!

“Don’t bring any shoes you care about,” says a friend-of-a-friend. “Closed toes ONLY. Be prepared to get dirty. And comfortable…make sure they’re comfortable.”

What requirements!

Closed toes. Comfortable. Disposable.

I’ve got good walking shoes, but white does not sound like a good idea. And even if I am a tourist, I don’t want to look like one.

So it’s off to the Walking Store. They’ve got nice things. But too nice! Yes, my feet are worth it….I just spent beaucoup time and $$$ tracking down perfect pumps….but I don’t want fancy shoes I’ll use for just a couple weeks. REI is next. Again, nice things, but…if only I weren’t vain!  The comfy ones are often ugly, and ugly or not, they over $100.

Inconsistencies abound, of course, as they often do. I’m going on a trip halfway around the world. Been planning it for months. Can I afford the best shoes? Are they, proportionately, a significant cost if you consider the trip price? Answers are obvious.

So is my skinflint nature in this arena.

Off to Macy’s.

Thrilled with my new Clark’s maryjanes, brown to blend with the dirt. They cost half what the Merrell’s do, and within limits I can dress them up or down.

Now, where’s my passport?

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