Beloved Bernie…

Need a break from the real live world, the unpleasantness politics—when do people stop the FB bitching?—about wondering which general is going to get caught doing the nasty next?

Watch “Bernie.”

Fabulous and fun movie about an undertaker—make that assistant undertaker—who lives in Carthage, Texas. Everyone loves Bernie, who could not have been played by anyone other than Jack Black.

Townsfolk love Bernie when he primps their dead loved ones, making them look even better than real life. They love him when he directs plays for the community. They love him when he fills in for the absent organist. They love him when he comforts the afflicted. They love him, as they wonder if he’s “light in the loafers”. They love him as he keeps time with the richest meanest widow in town.

They love him when she goes missing. They love him as he throws her money around. They love him when she is found chopped up in a freezer and wrapped up in pieces.

And they love him when he confesses to her murder.

This love is revealed, documentary-style, as various townspeople from Carthage talk about Bernie. All Texas, all the time. Someone is described as “having more tattoos than teeth.”

You can’t make this stuff up. You just can’t. It’s all true.

Chopped up in the freezer? Wrapped up, all neat the tidy.

To make matters more entertaining, the district attorney—played to toothpick-chewing perfection by Matthew McConaughey–has to move the trial because he is convinced that, despite Bernie’s confession, he will not be able to get a conviction in Carthage.

Change of venue always…well, usually always…happens when a defense attorney feels the defendant can’t get a fair trial. A big twist in a very twisty story.

This movie is like looking at a rollercoaster. You may know what’s coming, you can see it, all those twists and turns, but still you get on it and enjoy the ride.

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