Junior high school, with Huge Grown-up Consequences

Girl is jealous of another girl flirting with her boyfriend.

Kelley, left, and Broadwell

Trouble ensues.

That’s what the whole CIA Internet David Petraeus mess looks like thus far.

Except the “boyfriend” was General Davis Petraeus and the girls are women, one a sycophant biographer of the general and the other a Tampa socialite.

All of the parties are married.

To other people.

Apparently Jill Kelley, a general-groupie, received six anonymous threatening emails. She reported that to the FBI. (The FBI agent had previously sent her a shirtless photo.) FBI pursued it because the writer clearly had personal knowledge of General Petraeus. Internet sleuthing sent them to the computer of Paula Broadwell, Petraeus’s sycophant biographer. Looking her legitimate email accounts led them to discover her affair with Petraeus. Petraeus promptly resigned as director of the CIA.

And then searches of Jill Kelley’s computer revealed tens of thousands of emails to General John Allen, who commands troops in Afghanistan. Who says there was nothing inappropriate going on.

Skeezy. Skeezy. Skeezy.

Like sleazy.

Only worse.

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