“Is Jessamyn anywhere that storm?” Mama called to ask.

“She’s in New York. Of course she’s near the storm.”

Jessamyn got out for a bagel and coffee this morning before starting the big hunker.

“Just hanging out here with the lawn furniture,” she texted. She brought her chairs inside so they wouldn’t blow around.

Selfish me, I like having the green “instant message” light up on my computer. Just being able to ping her is reassuring.  “I’ll try to let you know if I lose power.”

She meant via text. But of course that’s likely impossible. Her battery will go. The systems will overload. The cell towers may fail.

And now her power is out for sure. Haven’t heard anything in 90 minutes. The little green light is still on on my computer, taunting me….

“Test.” I typed.

“Still here. Wind scary. Pitch black out, but I’ve got power.” Even she is surprised. “You should hear the wind. LOUD. Like it could blow through the window.”

I’m startled by an email from Equinox, Jessamyn’s Brooklyn gym.

“We’re Open!” was the subject line. “Last August Hurricane Irene didn’t stop us from delivering an unparalleled experience; Hurricane Sandy won’t either. We are open regular hours today and tomorrow and invite you to come in for a complimentary workout.”

I don’t think so.

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