It’s a miracle. Good Eats…at an Airport!

The other day I was changing planes in Minneapolis, first time since the Pleistocene Epoch I’ve taken a red-eye flight.

I needed something to eat before the next leg and when I saw a beautiful new restaurant playing cool music right there in G Terminal at 5:30 a.m. I thought I was dreaming.

When I noticed an iPad and two electric sockets at every chair, I was sure of it.

And it’s not one restaurant, it’s NINE of them, though not all are open yet. OTG is doing a huge change-up in airport food purveying, so far with biggest impact at JFK terminal 5 and Minneapolis Terminal G. They’ve purchased a total of 7,000 iPads for customer use.

I stood at Shoyu, a namesake restaurant from downtown, as are the others, staring at the menu, still not quite believing what I was seeing. “We’ve only been open a week,” said the kindly fellow.

I saw steel cut oatmeal with bananas and golden raisins and I was sold. “And on the iPad,” the fellow did a quick demo, “you can check your next flight to see if it’s on time.”

“Can I use the internet?”

“As long it’s legal…yes!” You also order through the iPad and there’s a credit card swiper at each chair, “that way you don’t have to worry about waiting for us.”

Then I ordered my oatmeal and waited. And waited.

And waited.

Turns they don’t have oatmeal today. “Can I get you something else, a muffin maybe.” She’s got one in her hand, but when you want warm oatmeal, a cold muffin isn’t so great. So she ALSO brought me a yogurt and fruit. As I lift my spoon to take a bite…

Just ordered, and paid for, the oatmeal and coffee. The rest of it just came and servers sought to ease kinks from the system.

My oatmeal appears.

Clearly they are working out the kinks. Internet due-diligence shows lots of people with delays and messed up orders.

But to me, a serious effort to make things right, really does go a long way.

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