Can We Not Recall?

I promised good cheer today, but that was before Arnold got into the act.

Seriously, the drug companies should have geared up on aspirin production before Lesley Stahl’s 60 Minutes interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger promoting his new book Total Recall, which is released today.

On the one hand the interview is shocking.

He talks in a straightforward manner about seemingly unbelievable actions: the decision to run for governor without telling his wife, to have open heart surgery and never tell his wife, and….of course….the affairs. He says he never talked with the housekeeper about the son they had together. Never. Even afterwards. But years later when he noticed that the boy, Joseph, looked an awful lot like him, he simply started giving the housekeeper money.

That he talks about this with such a stone-like expression is especially creepy.

Is it the plastic surgery? Or utter lack of emotion? He says that he just “puts it away”, any kind of emotion, and goes on. “Which has always worked for me, though maybe it isn’t the best for people around me.”

On the other hand, should we be surprised?  Really?

This has been following him around like a big stink, for years. The only reason he was elected governor is that his wife Maria Shriver went up and down the state vouching for him.

Lesley Stahl says at one point, “You are so much fun. You have enormous charm. I keep have to keep reminding myself that you did something that speaks to character.
“Do you have to keep reminding yourself, or it is always there?”

“It’s always there.”

Actually, THAT is the one unbelievable things in the interview.

The surprise, I think, is that we can keep being surprised. And yet we can.

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