Whoop ‘EM Condom Style?

“What’s that song?” I asked Jessamyn in the car the other day.

Shocking for me, I actually recognized it a new pop song.

“Oh that’s a Korean song that’s all the rage.”

Friend had sent me the video a few days before, which along with 277 MILLION others on YouTube, I watched and smiled at. PSY, is a plump-ish Korean pop star, big in Korea for a long while, but this is his big break-out to the world. Top iTunes song, top video, rising faster than Justin Bieber, and just signed with Schoolboy Records, the label of Bieber’s manager Scooter Brown, so more’s a comin’. Just nominated for best Music Video, MTV European Music Awards.

I didn’t know Korea was in Europe, myself, but what the hey, I keep learning.

The video is cute, fun and funny. PSY—pronounced SIGH—has a wacky horse riding move that’s been mimicked by everyone from Brittney Spears to California Lifeguards who got fired for their creativity…Unlike lots of pop singers, even dolled up with fancy costumes in unlikely places, PSY looks like a real and relatable person.

Do wonder myself, though, how much of popularity is a mishearing of the lyrics. I thought it was “Whoop ‘em Condom style”. The more common mishearing is “Open Condom Style”, which has led to a bunch of parody videos, and an entry in Urban Dictionary.

The real song name is “Gangnam Style”, and the lyric is “Oppa is Gangnam Style”. “Gangnam” is by far the richest of Seoul’s 25 districts, a la Beverly Hills, and the main lyric translates to “your guy is a ritzy guy”.

I especially like the line that he has “bulging ideas rather than muscles.”

But don’t be listening for that, because the song, afterall, is in Korean.

Career move that, singing in Korean.

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