Heard on the Street

“I wonder if I should get another facial piercing,” said the woman.

Her friend takes a drag on her cigarette.

“Maybe a second piercing in my nose. On the same side.” Beat. “Or maybe that would be too much metal on my face? Just can’t make up my mind. I’ve got a coupon for two-for-one piercing.”

Two-for-one piercing, like a Subway sandwich coupon? If I were going to get a piercing…would I want to use a coupon?  (Could a friend get the second piercing, or would I have to get BOTH piercings myself?) Or would I find the best-est cleanest place I could? Much to think about, but I gotta pay attention here…

“Does the coupon expire?” Good point!

“I’m not sure. I’ll have to check.”

“You know my friend Harriet is coming to town. She’s a piercer. I’m sure she would do whatever you wanted.”

They talk about Harriet vs. the two-for-one coupon for a minute and then…sadly… drift out of range, heading for a junker in the parking lot.

Gotta tell you, I am not making this up. Overhearing something like this makes it interesting to be alive.

And makes me really happy to have decent hearing.

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