Bananagrams and strategy…

Lots of Bananagrams lately. As someone who’s played a bit…my Bananagrams case looks like a bruised over-ripe banana…I sometimes accept a handicap


How I usually arrange my tiles.

(three-letter-word minimum) and make suggestions on strategy:

*Good to start with a long word you can work off of.

*Keep an eye on your balance of vowels and consonants, aiming for words that use more of less of one in order to maintain equilibrium. Nothing more frustrating than having 6 extra “I”s and 5 extra “E”s…unless it’s having the Q and no U.

*Work in difficult letters….the Q of course, Vs and Js, as soon as you can.

*Be open to rearrange your board in order to accommodate incoming letters.

Nothing especially exciting, just sensible.

When games are friendly and casual, I even enjoy helping out people with words. (no help needed for Ariel or Sabrina or Trissie…they are just too good…sometimes wish they’d help me.).

We’ve noticed that people tend to arrange their tiles in different forms at the beginning.  I always line mine up in rows. Seems to me the obvious way to count them. For example with a 15-tile hand–5-6 players–I always line up count five columns of three. My mother Shirley has a random arrangement. Others count by twos.

And now, I’ve learned a new way.

The Piles.


Bananagram tiles….a new speedy format.

At first I thought that was silly. The effort to pile up the slippery little tiles. But then Sylvia was ripping through the games and I realized when she knocked over her tiles that bought her several seconds as many of them land right side up.

Another tip to Bananagrams and life….always be open to a new strategy.

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