Yoga for Stiff Bodies…

Normally I’m not in the stiff bodies yoga class…but after the overlong hike yesterday, I

Yoga blocks are your friend.

certainly qualify. Usually my fingers reach the ground no problem, but now, humbling experience…the hamstrings and the backs of my knees are speaking up!

And the quads, and the toes, and other parts I generally don’t think much about.

Stiff body yoga class more or less format of regular class, but less vigor and more blocks. And a 10:30 class, much more highly subscribed than the seven a.m. class.

Suggestions for stiff bodies that our instructor didn’t make, that I might:

*If you can’t touch your toes, touch your knees.

*Widen your legs in down dog. Bent knees are okay.

*Befriend your block. When you don’t reach the floor, bring the floor to you. Flat hands on the.

*Child pose is your friend.


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