More Perils of the single life

Some things are easier living alone. Deciding what to have for dinner, for example. No one complains about the menu. Or lack of menu. Reading in bed….no one complains about the lights.

No one ever complains about music being too loud.

No one fusses about clutter.

About the laundry basket being too full.

About the gas tank being too empty.

If the water bill doesn’t get paid, I know who to blame.

And some things are harder living alone. Cooking for one. Not so fun. And even when I give myself lots of compliments, I don’t always feel appreciated.

There’s no one around to ask, Do I look fat in this dress?

But today it’s all about the bracelet. It’s a sweet little bracelet with pearls and peridot and pink and green topaz and it perfectly matches my outfit (which does NOT make me look fat).

But latching the bracelet with one hand, not so easy. I brace my hand against my belly. Doesn’t work. I finally get the little tongue inside the little opening, but it’s backward.

The more difficult it is, the more determined I become. Am I going to be defeated by a bracelet clasp?

I am not!

Maybe the bracelet will look better on my left hand, so my smarter right can take over. I brace my left wrist against the wall, but fail three times in succession. Geez Louise.

I practice my Lamaze breathing. Slowly…slowly….click. That tiny satisfying little sound. It really looks quite lovely I think.

What I do not want to think about is, how am I going to get it off?

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