Dating Advice from the Peanut Gallery

For Men:

“Why don’t more men go to yoga?” says my friend. “Seriously…yoga! If you want to rob a bank, you have to go where the money is. The gender ratio will always be in your favor. Women are thrilled to see men in the yoga studio. Instantly you have a reputation as a sensitive thoughtful guy.

“Yoga takes time and so you can ponder things, think about who you want to talk to.

“And those Lululemon outfits don’t leave much to the imagination!

“Think of all the benefits. You could end up more flexible, calmer, enlightened, AND coupled up.”


For Women:

“Go to Whole Foods…at seven o’clock.

“Guys are either just off work or finished with their workout. There are the best-looking guys at Whole Foods. GOOD Looking, business attire and everything. If they’re there it means they care about healthy foods, means they have money….everyone knows Whole Foods mean ‘Whole Paycheck.”

“Whole Foods has great single-serving foods. The people are friendly, it’s clean, wi-fi, good music. Really, GOOD music, Michael Jackson, TLC.

“And sushi samples! What more could you ask for?

“I’ve been asked out a couple times at Whole Foods. Always dress up when I go there.”


I was at Whole Foods at seven the other day…. it was nothing like that. Stock boys everywhere, people with toothpicks in their eyes, or staring at their Blackberries while tapping their feet in front of the coffee counter.

Head slap.

She meant seven o’clock in the evening!

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