Equal time for guys….Pejazzle…

So the Vajazzle idea…dressing up the gal parts with sparkles…

Intriguing enough, but yep, there’s a guy version too… Pejazzling. Yes, indeed. Sparkles for guys..on the undercarriage. Not saying it’s a good idea, no siree, just sayin’ it’s out there. Some salons report that up to forty percent of their sparklers are for guys.

And Pejazzling …appears the appropriate term even when the sparkly bits are nowhere near the penis area. Pejazzling can be of the general groin area (wax first! Who wants to rip off hair with his sparkles.). Or even the back or the mid-section. (Forehead? What about the forehead?)

Some of the shapes are an odd combo of sparkling colorful and manly. Like barbed wire.

Suppose that makes sense since Vajazzle….It’s not for vaginas! Certainly not. My word, that would be uncomfortable. It would be messy. It wouldn’t work at all.

When I chose the name Bikini Wax Chronicles….I sure didn’t know all the twisty turny byways that would lead to.

Hope none of this is giving my mama heart palpitations.

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  1. ariel says:

    What about your poor children!! You’re scarring me. 😛

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