When was the last time you backed up… anything?…except your car…

If you are anything like me you know your data should be backed up. You may even have a system in place to do the backup. But is it up to date? Does it have all your latest files?

I plugged in my external hard-drive to back up all my latest projects and watched it as it whirred away. What if that little magic box gets stolen like Jessamyn’s stuff? Or what if that wallet-size terabyte drive falls on the floor and breaks into pieces? … Just thinking about it makes the drive look like porcelain.

So I decided to reassure myself by backing up my data another way. I’m now using MyPCBackup, a secure online backup system that takes care of everything for me. (Now, don’t be fooled by the name, it works for both macs and pcs.) There is no hardware needed. Just a simple software install and everything is set up.

You can choose a backup plan based on how much data you have. Most people are probably at the basic or intermediate level. You can get the basic plan for $4-$6 per month depending on how long you sign up for.

For me the $5 a month is completely worth it. Now I have a backup online and I can access my files from anywhere. What did we do before the internet?!

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