Narrow little shoulders

axel-pugAs we got up and headed out this morning, Axel turned around mid-hallway and stood there, watching the door to my bedroom, waiting.

We always sleep together, the three of us.

We’re an odd ménage a trois. Cadence, Axel, and me, each in our own beds. Cadence, the best dreamer, legs quivering in dreams of squirrels. Axel, the champion snuffleupaguss. Me, the token human in the bedroom.

Standing patiently in the hallway, Axel was waiting for Cadence.

Cadence wasn’t going to be coming along.

I wondered how, or if, Axel would react to Cadence’s absence. He stood there a long time waiting for her. Then finally came when I called.

He’s been cheering me up today. And I’m doing my best to cheer him up as well.


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