I give up!

Those contact lenses have been sitting on my counter for months now.


I’m going to do it, I’d tell myself. I’m really going to do it.

But every morning there’s something more interesting, or more pressing, than sitting in front of the little mirror and poking at my eye. That’s what it feels like. Jabbing at my eye.

The magic feeling when it sucked right on there was….well..magic. But the poking, the stress. And when I got the right eye in. I had to do the left. The left was much harder. And as soon as I got them in, I’d think about having to get them out in the evening.

But the real annoyance was reading. I read a lot. I’m on the computer a lot. Dr. Okada had warned me that reading wouldn’t be as wonderful with contacts.

He was right. I’d squint. I’d squinch up my lips, as if that would help. Once I even bought a pair of pants the wrong size since I misread the tag. Thought the recipe called for “dried onions”—which I ran all over town for—instead of “diced” onions.

Dr. Okada tweaked the prescription a tad for me. Still second to glasses. He said Said I could get a pair of reading glasses for atop the contacts to improve matters. Hmph.

Contacts still sat on the counter.

Until yesterday. Had my regular check-up.

When it’s time to give up one something I think it’s best to admit that. Told Dr. Okada I’m a glasses gal. I love my glasses. Wendy always helps me pick out cool ones. And insurance says I get to have a new pair. Lenses and frames.

So jabbing required.

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