Health Insurance…for me and you!

Yee-haw, given Supreme Court decision today to uphold Obama’s Health Care Laws I’ll piggybe able to buy health insurance.

And not have to pay two arms and two legs for it.

Maybe just an arm. And a quarter of a leg.

There’s no clearer example of Nancy Pelosi’s “all politics is personal” quote, than health insurance.

We’ve all got stories and issues. A dear friend moved from California back to Massachusetts, in large part, because she couldn’t afford health insurance here. Another family I know was petrified about their graduated, but not yet employed children would do. (My girls, booted off the family plan the DAY they graduated college.) Fortunately, that part of the Health Care plan was already implemented and it is now possible for adult children to be on their parents’ plan until age 26.

Pre-existing conditions, the BIGGEE.

I’ve got one. (By my age darn near everyone does.) It’s…nothing sexy or interesting, but it does take a whole line to type the name—save that for another day. As long as I take my medicine…again, nothing fancy or expensive…and exercise I’m good. My quotes for insurance, twice what they would otherwise be. Friends in similar situations, one has to pay $1,700 a month. Another, thinking about getting a Starbucks job just so so she join a group policy.

But with Obama Care, that won’t matter. As of 2014 pre-existing conditions….won’t exist. My health insurance will cost half of what it otherwise would.

Tons of other aspects to the health care laws, of course, but as they say:

All Politics is Personal.

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