Can you hear me bawling?

Yes, you. And you. And YOU…over there, hiding behind the bush….crossword-puzzle

What is it about happy things that makes one cry?  Just got a birthday package from Ariel. Right there on the top is a crossword puzzle she made, just for me.

Wait a sec, while I get another tissue….

How many hours did this take? She meets the crossword conventions of a symmetric grid. There are interlinking clues. Clues that only I would know. “Wassup counts these for Karen.” The answer is HITS…as in hits on this here blog.

In Italy with Jessamyn in April we were chatting among the group about the book, The Five Love Languages. The idea is that people understand love in different ways. And if you show love in a way that’s not appreciated…well, then both sides are losing. “Why do you keep giving me the end of the bread?” for example. “Because that’s the best part!” It’s only the best part if you THINK it’s the best part.

The five love languages, according to author Gary Chapman, are: Touch, Quality Time, Thoughtful Gifts, Acts of Service, and Words of Affirmation.

“No one does thoughtful gifts better than my sister!” said Jessamyn. “For my birthday she made me a scrapbook of pictures of us. When she was in high school she made a quilt of for my grandfather that HIS mother had started.”

I was thinking about that as I was sitting her, looking at the crossword puzzle trying not to smear the ink on the puzzle with tears. (To go along with it are a few other thoughtful gifts…including a special crossword puzzle pen, with erasable ink!)

Tried to call Ariel right away, of course, but dang it, she wasn’t there….I had to talk with someone who would understand so called my sister Sabrina. She’ll understand.

She does…we talked about what a wonderful gift it is. “And Ariel knows how much you’ll appreciate it. Ariel is not making crossword puzzles for just anyone.” I’m sure she’s not.

“And of course,” said Sabrina, “she learned from you…remember those special presents you got for your friend Ellie?”

Geez…where is the tissue box…?

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