vajazzleKeep your ears open and you’ll hear the oddest things…truly.

Ever consider jewelry for your lady parts? Me neither! No tattoos. Piercing, YUCK. Never, ever…but just learned about Vajazzling, an adjunct to bikini waxing, and of course had to run right to the computer here and share.

Swarovski crystals sprinkled about in pretty designs where in the olden days a little pubic hair might live…what a shocker that would be.

Practical? Not so much, I’m thinking, but a novelty for sure. Supposedly the designs– applied by some salons, and some very brave DIY-ers– last for up to a couple weeks, but wearing loose clothing is recommended to prevent friction from rubbing off the crystals.

And what about OTHER types of friction??

You’re asking, and I am too…

Interviews report that the crystals—supposedly reusable…wash them please—end up EVERYWHERE. Sheets, hair, various personal nooks and crannies. “I even found one in the dishwasher,” said one user.

The dishwasher!?!

The whoop-de-doo started with a Jennifer Love Hewitt on a talk show, complaining about how folks are so nosy, wanting to know about her personal life, her dating habits, how much she weighs and really really personal stuff.

And a minute later in the interview she describes how after a break-up she had her “precious lady” decorated with Swarovski crystals and “it shined like a disco ball”. “In fact it’s vajazzled hot pink today!”

Kinda interesting complaining about the invasion of personal space, and 90 seconds later chatting about vajazzling her vajayjay.

Keep your ears open and you’ll hear the oddest things…truly.

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