Chocolate Cake, I’m just Making a Chocolate Cake

Seriously, Karen has not been cooking enough!

I realized that as I went to make a chocolate cake this morning. Where is the mixer? Why isn’t the oven heating up?

My flour is expired. The Hershey’s syrup has expired. My baking powder is expired!!

Seriously, baking powder? That stuff is good for years.

In homage to my Grandmother and mother I use special hard-to-find baking powder. Royal, is no longer sold here in most markets. Grandma Grace used to use it and she and my mother swore it makes the biscuits and shortbread taste better.

I find it occasionally in Mexican grocery stores, or more often when I’m travelling. Most recently I picked up some for Mama when I was in Chile last fall. Does Mama need more baking powder, really?  I’m not sure, but she knows I’m thinking about her—and not just on Mother’s Day–when I bring it home.

In the olden days, I would go through my grandparents’ pantry looking for out-of-date stuff, rice with the occasional critter, but more often petrified marshmallows, or apricot jam that had turned brown.

And here I am, really, in more or less the same boat.

Got myself some new Hershey’s syrup, new flour, and I already had a new can of Royal.

I found the mixer and the sifter, the tube cake pan and and measuring cup that belonged to my Other grandmother, Grandma Myrtle. Baking, for me, is often an exercise in sentimentality.

Went to turn on the oven. DIDN’T WORK. Seriously, I am not making this up.

So I called up Nancy across the street and mooched on her good nature….and her oven.

Handy man David was coming by anyway.

Oven heated right up for him.


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