I’m a stick with the program kinda gal. Turn my homework in on time. Pay my bills. Punctual. Vitamins. Faithful, loyal. Trash cans out by 7:30. Dry cleaner. You know the type.

And I appreciate all of that in others, also. Hard not to be annoyed when the airplane is late. When you have to wait an HOUR, really, on hold to talk with a customer service rep.

But there are times it’s good to have a change-up.

Like when the unpleasant relatives cancel their upcoming visit. When you have a follow-up doctor appointment and they call to tell you the tests were great and you don’t need to come in. YEAH.

And now, for me, the book club meeting is delayed. Usually we meet the third Tuesday, which would be the fifteenth, next Tuesday. BUT this month we did a one-time switcheroo, to the fourth Tuesday, which means we meet on the 22nd.

Which means:

Another week to read Cleopatra! Learning all kinds of fun stuff. Ins and outs of royal intrigue, and the ways of the world back then.

Sometimes, change is good.

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