Bikini Waxing for Men!! Stop the Presses…

Ad from Face to Face owner quoted in NYT story about the growth in bikini waxing for men...among all demographic groups, including conservative ones. Am guessing my dad...who gets a monthly pedicure, thank you very much....will not not be signing up for the biking wax.

Newsflash, as I write this, top forwarded story in the Old Gray Lady, the NY Times today…He-Wax for Him.

You knew I’d be all over it, right?

“It’s the gay community, it’s the straight community, it’s very conservative guys, it’s very liberal guys. All different age groups are coming in,” said Mike Indursky, president of the Bliss chain, which offers the men’s Brazilian called the Ultimate He-Wax.

Oh, really?

Bliss introduced men’s waxing services in February, 2011. That same Indursky guy says that their popularity is on track to double by the end of this year.


Anyone who paid attention in math class knows it’s easy to “double” something that starts at a low base, as in a new service. If you start with five customers, easy enough to double to ten. Ten thousand customers? Harder to double that one. (“We know too much about math to buy tickets to the Mega Millions Lottery,” said a friend couple weeks ago.)

At the “European Wax Center”, an up and coming waxing chain, I asked in their Manhattan Beach location about gender breakdown of customers. Most of their locations have about 4-6 percent male clients. Manhattan Beach is higher than the norm, but still only about 8-10 percent. And since Manhattan Beach is….duh…a beach community, that would skew things.

AND since they also offer distinctly male waxing options, like nasal waxing—I am NOT making this up…hairs on the inside of your nose…gone—and ear waxing…that does not mean that 8-10% of their customers are guys coming in to get their pubes waxed.

Back to the NYT story….supposedly man-waxing a demographically neutral trend…and quoted at 70% of weekly business at Face to Face, a “discreet salon in the Flatiron district of Mnhattan with a predominantly male clientele…” Well…no arguments at truth there, but this is a gay owned and focused salon. See photo above, advertisement on their web site, and so the…fashion-forward…aspect of their business perhaps less surprising.

And the Norelco folks quoted? Well, they’re just hawking their products.

The idea that getting rid of hair makes things more clean? Well….soap, I say, soap. Soap will get you clean.

So why the big story?

It’s fun to think about what people are up to with their privates. Every time I tell someone the name of my blog, gets a smile. Guaranteed. Even the vocabulary is fun, the “Boyzillian,” that one makes you smile too, I bet. And like any good feature writer, Rachel Felder saved the best for last. Quoting Ramon Padilla, director of Strip: Ministry of Waxing:

“The vast majority (of men) say they’re doing it because their wife or girlfriend told them to do it,” he said. “The wives bring them, saying, ‘If I’m going to do it, you better do it as well.’”

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