Biking for Brunch

Love checking out interesting items for sale at bike gatherings. The "chain condom" protects the bike chain and gears during transport. Unlike other condoms, it's reusable.

Always good to vary up the exercise routine. Today it was the Tour de Taste bike ride…

“A family eating trip,” said my dad, “with biking.” That’s how Daddy described one of our not-too-ambitious bike trips a few years back. And that’s what today felt like.

Our usual Sunday ride is about 24 miles, with hills. Today was 13 miles. Flat miles.

But Patrice and I knew that going in. (We didn’t know that she’d have to do TWO trips to the Culver City start because I’d forgotten my biking shoes!) We figured it would be fun to do something different. It was a guided ride starting in Culver City to Marina del Rey on Ballona Creek path and back with sponsorship by various restaurants so we’d get to try all kinds of good food. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Bike Coalition.

Interesting nice people, nearly all novice riders. People kept commenting on our jerseys. “Do you work for Google?” everyone asked Patrice. And I was wearing my pretty blue and pink jersey. Most of the women had on just t-shirts and jeans.

Don’t think of us as fast, but we were tapping our toes on the pedals. We ride the Ballona Creek path occasionally but in the other direction. Taco at Chipotle and then it was time to reverse. Seemed like our leaders, “the bike marshalls” were going to be a while, so Patrice and I zipped off and yes, we caught up to the hind end of the previous shift of riders.

And back at the Culver start there were bunches of vendors serving food. You had your veggie sliders, your pasta of many flavors, the rice with chicken or tofu. And for the

"Betty Bike Gear" the "tear proof " tire changing instructions.

imbibers there was beer and wine.

Daddy would’ve loved it.

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