Preparing for Patagonia…

Gearing up….got some Keen sandals at the REI outlet sale…such a good deal I



don’t want to make you feel fad.

Well, maybe I do.

Less than $10.  (Regularly $85.)

But so puzzled. Everyone talks about how comfy Keen sandals are. And in fact they are comfy, except for the pesky strap around the heel. Elastic keeps cutting into my heel. The rest of it is so well designed, but that elastic just doesn’t make sense. Seems like there should be a channel or something for it.

Decided to ask my resident expert. Marcy Craig is a costumer who’s staying with me while her house is being de-molded.

“Marcy, “ I said, “I don’t understand why these sandals are so uncomfortable.”


It only took her a second.

“Sweetheart, the elastic goes in front of you foot, not around your ankle.”


How am I going to dress myself when Marcy moves out?

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