From Bike to Blackboard: Everyone Loves a Happy Ending….!

Back in June I was in Telluride, holding up a sign looking for concert tickets—proof positive that a mother will do anything for her children. Into the hustle-bustle of the Bluegrass Festival pedaled Derek and Gabriel, who were riding bicycles across country.

The two young laid-off science teachers had planned to camp, but as I shared here, Telluride was full up. Not a camping space to be had. One local mentioned an illegal area to camp. Another local said no,” you’ll get nabbed by the police,” and suggested an alternative place. “You’ll get eaten alive by fleas there,” said someone else.

I suggested instead that the two young guys come home with me. “You mean sleep inside?”

“Yep,” I said. “You can shower and even do laundry if you want.” Derek and Gabriel are the same age as Ariel and I’d love to know someone was taking her under wing if the situation called for it.

Nice, nice kids…er, young men. They pressed their computer skills into service in my quest for Bluegrass tickets for Jessamyn. And when I offered them use of the television room they demurred. Needed to write in their Journals!

I am not making this up. Promise. Cross my heart.

After the tuckered out boys turned in…they’d been averaging 70-80 miles a day…I looked up Telluride School District and found, amazed, that there was an opening for a middle school science and math teacher.

Shared this tidbit of news with them over breakfast. “That’s you, Derek!” said Gabriel. I printed out the application and Derek turned it in that very day.

Just heard from Derek’s mother…we mothers have to stick together!…that Derek got the job. And is now teaching 8th grade science in Telluride…No need to camp with the ticks. He’s got an apartment and everything.

Everyone loves a happy ending. And to have a part in helping it happen…it’s a mint on my pillow.

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  1. Joan says:

    And that’s the kind of person you are!
    Wishing many happy endings for you .

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