Let There Be Sight…

Doing new things….the pink hair, trapeze, and a Patagonia trip on the near horizon.

If I’m brave enough to try the trapeze, maybe I’m brave enough to stick plastic in my eyes? My sisters have been wearing contact lenses for years and years. But as a late-breaking glasses wearer I’m naturally a bit slower.

“Why do you want to do that?” asks Jeff.

I give a somewhat philosophical answer about seeing the world and how the world sees me. “Beauty is what’s on the inside you know.” Sweet.

If only it were really true. He, as many people, often see the surface first thing. I don’t mind wearing glasses mostly, in fact kind of like the instant accessory and definition they give my face. I pride myself on fashion forwardness in the glasses department.

“Hold it open wider,” says Dr. Chou. “Wider.”

My eyes feel open six feet wide, until the finger with the contact lens comes near. And then reflex takes over. Pretty darn difficult to keep your eye open as a giant piece of plastic comes in. Plastic looks diminutive on the finger, but as it approaches my eye it puffs up to many times the size.

“Close your eye,” says Dr. Chou, “and look toward your nose.  I think it’s there.”

Wowza. Amazing. Once it’s in I don’t feel a thing. Just poof, it sucks onto the cornea and completely disappears into my eye as if it’s part and parcel of my eyeball.


Except I know that I’m going to have to do it myself.

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