Pornographic Panties: Hanky Pankies

The other day Laurie B., bragging a bit, declared she’d “pulled a Karen.” She meant she’d hanky-pankygotten a good deal.

A fun rep to have, but work to keep it up. If I see a great price on cycling tights I tell the chicks. Sometimes I even organize a group order. Just sent an author interview to Linda. My mother wants to know about Piccolino shoes, size 39.

When I got the big ad this morning about Hanky Panky 30% off I knew just who to tell.

Jessamyn. And just how to tell it. If your stomach turns easily, please close your eyes for just the next sentence. Disgusting but true, Jessamyn’s Daschund Lilly likes to eat dirty underwear.

You can open your eyes now.

I forwarded Jessamyn the link to Bare Necessities. With the note: “Has Lilly been doing any unauthorized snacking lately?”

Wait. If you didn’t read the earlier sentence, that doesn’t make sense…oh, well…I tried.

“Yes! Actually she has,” Jessamyn wrote back. “thanks.”

A minute later, she wrote again. “I can’t get in. The site is blocked at my office. First time that has ever happened…irritating…porn blocker.”

Wowza. Love the Hanky Panky, the no lines, but at $18 a pair I thought it was only the price that was pornographic.

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