The New York Times…the friendly paper in the blue bag

nytThere is no better newspaper in the world than The New York Times. (And the little blue bags are so handy for dog walks.)

Jeff and I started reading it when we were at MIT. I yelled, “goody gum drops” when they began home delivery in Texas. And we were hooked. A quality paper for a quality couple.

You can dab the prose behind your ears, it’s so beautiful. I used to offer Jessamyn and Ariel a nickel for finding typos. My money was safe when they read The New York Times. You’ll never find a construction like “opportunistical”, which I came across recently in some slimy rag.

When I “broke into” the New York Times and did a bunch of reviews for them I thought I had it made.

Cathleen is one of my super smart friends. Law school professor. She spiffed her Spanish up so that she could practice law IN SPANISH, at a charitable organization. I recommended the NYT to her.

“I started reading,” said Cathleen, “and realized I had to turn the little dial on the side of my head, ratchet everything up a few notches.” Great that there are still some people who love the intellectual challenge. Too much of the world lives and dies by People Magazine, TMZ, or even the real estate ads.

Unfortunately I’ve been distracted lately. Today it was a mission of mercy, visiting a friend at the hospital. Over the weekend I had a big project to get done…and those pretty little blue bags have been piling up near the stairway, sad and ignored, still with papers inside.

But over dinner I was going to fix that. Indian food leftovers (Thank you, Linda!) and the newspaper. Especially love Mondays as I can actually do the crosswords.

First thing that surprised me was the stock market. Down again. Sheesh. It went down a lot last week. And then I read a story about the death penalty in Texas. I lived in Texas…did my time, I say…and there’s ALWAYS plenty to talk about there, it does get tiresome. The story on the presidential debates threw me a tad, but when I saw the arts section….

Please don’t tell anyone I read half the Friday paper thinking it was today’s.

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