Dave Barry Live….”I parent by embarrassment”

Dave Barry is one of those people….like Linda Ellerbee, Dale Chihuly, and Eddie Van Halen…that are clearly at the top of their respective games, but that I haven’t paid a lot of attention to.

My loss, for sure. Keeping up the top flight services, Linda snagged us center second row seats.

“I parent by embarrassment,” said Dave, and flashed up a picture of himself driving the Wienermobile and picking up his then-middle schooler at 3:30.  Doesn’t seem to have done much long-term damage though. “He is now a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.”

Dave and Ridley Pearson were in town pimping…er, speaking….on behalf of “The Bridge to Neverland,” their newest title in the “Starcatchers” series, that are pre-quels and side-quels to Peter Pan. But Dave is best known for his humor writing, as a columnist in the Miami Herald, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize, and for his books, which are guffaw-out-loud funny.

Dave is a veritable Encyclopedia Brown on all kinds of topics, jumping around with lots of knowledge.

The whole evening I kept thinking, How old is this guy anyway? He has a very young, boyish demeanor, so at first I was thinking middle forties. But then the little wheels kept going. He’s been around a long time, done a lot. Has to be fifties for sure. Son is a reporter at the Wall Street Journal afterall.

He and Ridley talked with enthusiasm about astronaut Cady Coleman taking their book up in the space shuttle—“you’d be amazed what kind of extra permissions are involved in that”—so that she could do bedtime reading to her son. And then Cady even called them both for a chat from the shuttle.

“’Excuse me,’” Dave acted all pompous, or his impression of what pompous might be. “’I have to take this call. It’s from space.’ And I kid you not,” said Dave, “when she called we were eating at Johnny Rockets.”

When I got home I had to satisfy the old curiosity. Dave Barry is 64 years old. I wouldn’t have been a bit surprised to see him to a cartwheel or handspring on the stage.

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  1. Ellie says:

    The Wienermobile is such a delicious fantasy. You just have to laugh. A few years ago, I discovered the Kissmobile – a mobile chocolate extravaganza in the form of three large kisses plastered on a platform truck – rolling through the streets of Lubbock, Texas. Inside one kiss was a refrigerated unit that held chocolate (which was shared), the second giant kiss held stuffed toy kisses, with arms and legs. The driver let 30 visiting artists, who were in a show, climb all over the Kissmobile. I climbed to the top. Best, yet, we learned that you can contact Hershey and have the Kissmobile at your next bar mitzvah or christening. XX Ellie

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