Free T-shirts!!


Get it? Necklace not included with free t-shirt....

Last night I was going into my favorite local hangout, Tin Roof—can’t remember if I’ve been twice or thrice this week—proudly wearing my new Bikini Wax Chronicles t-shirt….

“Oh, I get it,” the male host said proudly, “a shoulder to lean on, and a shoulder to cry on.”


It was hard to decide between my favorite short ribs with polenta, or my favorite Fig and Pig pizza…. Especially while I was trying to decide who would most like to have a t-shirt.

Both decisions easy. Last time it was pizza, so this time short ribs. And I’ll give shirts to whoever asks for them.

One time only, free t-shirts to the first three people who ask for them. If you’re not one of first three and would like one, you can get them through our store on Zazzle.

Stay tuned…more giveaways coming up later this week.

And dinner was fabulous.

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1 Response to Free T-shirts!!

  1. Patrice Reiss says:

    I’d love a t-shirt! They look really great. Good riding with you this morning.
    Love, Patrice

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