M.B. Post—five bikini eats…maybe six!

Wowza. Yum. Slurp. Nosh. Gobble. Chat. Talk louder. Mo-Pho-Jito. Eat Your Vegetables. Homemade biscuits. Share the biscuits please. Remember the parking meter.

Get your reservations in early.

M.B. Post on Manhattan Avenue, was, back in the 50s through the 70s, the Manhattan Beach Post Office. It’s one of those locations that’s cycled through businesses so often the location actually seemed cursed.

No more.

David LeFevre, formerly executive chef of the Water Grill, has come to Manhattan Beach with a fab casual menu that spans the globe and palate. It’s small plates all around, the better to share and taste. Casual, but great food quality. Reasonable prices too. We concentrated on the vegetables. Brussel sprouts that seem light and fluffy. Grilled lettuces with anchovies. Heirloom tomatoes to die for…

Yum. Yum. Yum. Only complaint I can think of is the deafening noise inside. Dozens, or scores of folks enjoying their food and their company and everyone talking louder to be heard. Baffling on the ceiling a good idea perhaps?

One friend went for dinner to test it our prior to her anniversary. Restaurant passed with neon colors, but when it came time for the anniversary dinner, no reservation possible.

Book it Danno.

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