Perils of the Single Life

“I’ll always remember the guy who invited me to coffee at K-Mart,” said Pam of her single days.

It was fun to laugh with friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.

“So the guy was drinking his carafe of coffee,” says Pam, “I sure wasn’t drinking any K-Mart coffee—“

“Too bad he didn’t invite you to Target,” said Jessamyn, “At least they serve Starbucks.”

“The guy was talking about how he’d recently gotten a legal settlement, ten thousand dollars, and now all of the women were after him for his money. Not me.” She tapped her watch. “I told him it was time to go pick up my daughters.”


Why didn’t I take a picture of Pam and Ron? Will have to make due with Jessamyn and me.

“What about you, Ron?” I asked. “Did you go to mixers at Mensa?”

“Oh no, that would be like wearing your IQ here,” he pointed to his breast pocket. “But I did try the Tower Club.”

We are at Clover Club in Brooklyn and all the while we are passing food back and forth, oohing and aahing, at the potato pancakes with truffle creme fraiche, the ricotta pancakes with rhubarb, the Stumptown coffee. Everyone is sharing, we even forget whose silverware is whose.

“The Tower Club is an organization of tall people and I made plans to go to a meeting. Turned out there was only one woman there. ‘You don’t look so tall,’ she said. Turns out they have an official tape measure and everything. I didn’t go back.”

For the record Ron is 6’ 4”, as if it matters….and he and Pam are very happy they found each other.

They never go to Kmart for coffee.

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