Jason gets a Pedicure…


Jason is the one on the left.

Jessamyn and I enjoyed a fabulous brunch on Saturday with Jason and Megan Smith. Megan and Jessamyn were best pals in high school and I hadn’t seen Megan since she and Jason got married three years ago. So there was a lot of catching up to do…their cats are fine, Megan’s working on her master’s and Jason is halfway through his PhD dissertation. Naval History. Whew.

The girls had party prep to do….chairs to pick up, plastic silverware to acquire, so of course I invited Jason to join me in getting a pedicure. And of course he accepted.

Jason’s a pedicure virgin, of course. “Are there things I should know?” he asked as we walked to Iris Nails.

“Well,” I try to think about what an amateur should know. “You can decide whether you want cuticles cut or just pushed back. Sometimes they try to sell additional callus removal. And of course you get to choose your polish color.”

“Think I’ll skip that part.”


Jason and I are conveniently given two back chairs. Also conveniently across the aisle from us is another couple, the guy sitting directly across from Jason. “I’m totally comfortable here,” says Jason in amazement. We are chatting away about history and his dissertation and various and sundry, when I notice Jason’s pedicurist is tapping ever more insistently on his foot.

“When she taps your foot, it means to change feet. Put that foot back in the water and give her the other foot.”

“Oh,” he said. “I thought that was part of the massage.”


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