Karen Rides a hundred miles….

Starting moment at Wine Country Century: pockets overflowing, credit card, $$, Advil,karen-ray reading glasses, iPhone, earbuds, Shot Blox, raisins, lip balm, sunscreen.

Most startling moment: Temporary crown falla off in my mouth at mile 11. (zipped it into a Pearlizumi pocket). Totally messed up my consumption plan…Shot blocks were out. Liquids and even open-mouth breathing annoyed the tooth.

Best rest stop: First, at 26 miles. Everyone still smiling. Fresh hot tortillas

Revelation: Hoo Ha Ride Glide works better when you apply it. Forgot at start. First rest stop couldn’t find it. Second stop (it was in glasses case) I kept praying nothing would fall in the porta-potty while I put it on.

Totally Forgot: To take pictures.

Gender notes: Female riders generally more polite. Call out “on left” while passing much more often. More female riders than other group rides I’ve done.

Good surprise: no flats.

Best snacks: fresh strawberries, oranges, bananas, M & Ms.

Lunch: took one bite of the sandwich, gave it to jeff and went back to my fruit.

Closest call: had my little jacket tucked under my seat and the sleeve got into the rear tire.

Tenderest moment: Had to stop a couple times as my toes and insteps were cramping up. Jeff offered foot massage.

Worst Hill: The one at mile 92.

Wisdom: A hundred miles is a long ways.

Best moment: the finish. High five. Big hug.

Taking off the bike shoes. Taking a BATH. Someone else cooked dinner. Yum.


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  2. Cristina says:

    I was in Santa Barbara for my first century ride; went out to dinner after the ride was over and I don’t remember a thing! I believe I literally fell asleep at the dinner table… I was that tired! I think you deserve extra points (make that MANY extra points) for cycling without a crown! That just had to have been thoroughly uncomfortable!! And my sentiments exactly about porta-potties; I pray EVERY time I am forced to use one about the same thing!!! Again and again and again….CONGRATS to you AND Jeff (he rode the whole way too??) 🙂

  3. Audrey says:

    Congrats, Karen. That is quite an accomplishment!

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