Back when we were defined as mothers….

kinder“I know you.” The woman pointed at me.

I stood there at the restaurant, dumbfounded. I did NOT know her. It was a table drop-by on the way out of dinner at a restaurant. But a mutual friend was there chatting away, so I hoped salvation was coming soon. There was chatting about kids and families.

“Ah, yes,” Melinda said. “Ariel was in our kindergarten too.”

In fact, that is how the three of us knew each other. Arlene, Melinda, and I did  parent volunteering at kindergarten together. For our children who are now 25 years old.

Surely I could be excused. Arlene’s hair used to be gray. Isn’t now. Her husband David’s hair used to be brown. Now gray. But their voices and mannerisms are still the same.  We gestured at where we live, how some things stay the same and some change up. “And life has to be good for you,” said Melinda, “your daughter is still coming out to dinner with you.”


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