Riding your Hoo Ha with Hoo Ha Ride Glide…

hoo-haBiking 100 miles…. Atop the training, there are the practicalities. What to wear? What to eat and drink? How to carry the water? What’s the weather?

You want to practice with what you are going to use the day-of. Tried a sample pack of Clif Shot Blocks, sort of shelf-stable Jell-o jigglers, with electrolytes. Liked them a lot….so acquired a few packs in different flavors.

Safeguarding the valuable lady parts is critical. No bikini waxing lately, need all the protection that nature affords, and then some. I’ll wear the shorts with the good pad—chamois, the pros call it—but even so, a hundred miles is a fur piece and I want all the help I can get.

Of course there are products. I’ve seen in the bike shops, and laughed at, Chamois BUTT’r, to prevent chafing.  But we’re gals here and so I got some Hoo Ha Ride Glide.

Wanted to try it out before the big day. (What if I was allergic, for Pete’s sake?) So yesterday it’s early in the morning I’m only 30% awake holding this little packet, trying to decide, do I put it on the chamois or on ME?

I have the single-serving size and there aren’t really directions, so I slathered one on the chamois where there are less nooks and crannies than on me. It smells good, sort of lavender.

Putting on the pants is a challenge. Hoo Ha Ride Glide isn’t going to help any if it gets smeared all over my legs.

COLD, like putting on a wet bathing suit when you are dry. But the body adjusts right away, as to the bathing suit. And then you forget it’s there. Pedaling away as usual for 34 miles yesterday, occasionally I noticed a bit of extra dampness, but no biggee. Good stuff. Says it promotes healing if you do get a saddle sore. But hoping that by using it my Hoo Ha will stay it’s nice normal happy self.hoo-ha


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  1. Dianne Fink says:

    Hi Karen: I have been using Hoo Ha Glide for the past year – found it last year at the 2010 Iron Girl Las Vegas. I don’t ride without anymore. I have not had one problem with any chafing anywhere. I also found it works anywhere on the body that you think rubbing may ocurr – I put it around my arms so that my wetsuit doesn’t rub – works wonders!! I am a Hoo Ha fan!!!! Oh, and by the way – I just rub it on my body in every place you can think of – I find it a less “wet” feeling than putting it directly on the chamois.

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